Event Management options for your Website

If your company or organization hosts events that you would like to have displayed on your website, there are a number of ways to accomplish this.


You can use Facebook events and IntegriTivity can embed the feed into your website, but this doesn't work for 21+ Facebook pages such as wineries. In addition, your audience can only RSVP through Facebook.


EventBrite is a no-cost option for FREE events, and offers ticketing that can ADDED very easily to Facebook and Twitter. If you wish to sell tickets, you can pay for that option. If you want to embed the events into your website, you must upgrade to Professional but it's still FREE for free events. Then you can embed individual events or an Events calendar. You can configure it to show private events as well if you want. Note that it takes some time after you enter your events in EventBrite for them to be updated in the widget, so give it 30 minutes or so tup update before you get frustrated. You can customize the color scheme. *** If you change the image in Event Brite, you have to change it separately in Facebook. Other details (such as the description) can be updated from Eventbrite. (November 2017)


Ticket Tailor has a nice plugin that works with Wordpress and there is a free trial for one event with up to 5 tickets. TT Pricing Page


TicketBud handles ticketing, promotion, and attendee management so you can focus on planning your event. We make throwing events easier and more profitable than you thought possible. According to their website (November 2017), Ticketbud was rated #1 in user-friendliness by a third-party study.. Ticketbud offers a software widget to integrate ticketing on your own website and to sell on Facebook. This is important: free events are always free. Get access to all of the features that Ticketbud offers. If you're charging for tickets to your event, the fee is automatically passed on, making Ticketbud free for you to use. You can also choose to absorb the service charge. TicketBud Pricing

It sounded great, except that at the time of this writing, their website wasn't working properly and I could create an account and login.

Our RSVP events make Ticketbud even easier for you and your attendees to use! Since you’re not selling tickets, your guests can RSVP with just one click.

However, it looks like you need to embed each event into your website individually.