Custom Databases

Online web-based databases can be handled in a number of different ways. If your company uses Microsoft Office 365, Access can be used to create a database that can be shared online (see below).


Another method is to use Knack, an easy-to-use standalone online database application. Their service is billed to you monthly, requires no software, and your database will be available to approved users via any web browser.


Websites can also use custom databases that are stored on their hosting account, using mySQL and PHP. Integritivity has experience with this method as well. For this type, the software/hosting is free but requires more intense initial development.


Access Database Development - Almost anything you can think of may be tracked and reported in a Microsoft Access database when you have a skilled database programmer to put it all together. A database is essential to organizing your information in a way that eliminates redundancy and makes it accessible in all the various formats and compilations you might want. Years of experience on diverse and complex database applications is perhaps the greatest advantage that IntegriTivity has to offer!


If you already have a database but it offers poor reporting capability, it may be possible to link Access to your database in order to get at the data in the format you desire.


The user interface of an Access database is completely customizable and can be “locked down” as needed in order to keep the programming modules safe from your users.  What's more, new features and reports can be added as your needs change.


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