Memorial Website Design

A memorial website is a great way to keep memories of your loved one alive. It is an especially effective way to showcase the talents of the person, such as his artwork or her photography.

Memorial website for Dorothy Rogalski of Sun City, AZMemorial websites can be a method for sharing a loss with extended family and friends who are not able to come to a memorial service. This sample features a collection of memories that were collected by the family via email, then compiled with photos for all to view.

In fact, many have commented that a memorial website is even BETTER because the memories can be cherished over a longer period of time. Furthermore, it is a way to save the precious comments of your friends and family for those who are younger to read later in life when they are better able to appreciate it all.  In today's world of busy schedules and families spread over many miles, a memorial website is a virtual way to connect with others about your loss.

IntegriTivity will walk with you through this difficult time and create a lasting memory that your family will cherish.

Our memorial websites can include:


•      Custom designed layout based on the interests of your loved one
•      Domain name registration
•      Website hosting
•      Graphics creation
•      Biography/History page with photos
•      Online guestbook
•      Family tree graphic
•      Photo gallery
•      "Light a candle" tribute feature

•      Hobby gallery
•      Technical stuff like browser compatibility and code validation
•      Search engine optimization (if you want it)
•      Visit Counter
•      Fav Icon (the little picture on your browser's page tab)


The cost of a memorial website will depend on the amount of content you have and the amount of help the family wishes to contribute. The expense is based solely on an hourly rate and a typical 6-page website may require 10-15 hours to layout. However, you may have family members who wish to help find suitable graphics, edit stories and even size and enhance digital photos.


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Additionally, you may wish to have hard or soft cover books printed with the contents of the website. Books of this type make a great gift for family members. Books must have at least 20 pages and the finished product can be ordered individually through This makes it easy for you to purchase as many as desired for gifts but allow others to get their own copy.

What people are saying about Integritivity's memorial websites:


Great Job. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.


What a wonderful, beautiful, thoughtful tribute to your mom...she is quite pleased with all you done for her and THIS memorial tops it off.


Such great stories! I've read every page, and through this site I feel I know [her] better.


Thank you and the rest of the family for putting together such a beautiful tribute.


My condolences go out to you and your family. The tribute is beautiful and heartwarming.


Such an incredible legacy of love [she] has created! This website has been really special for me to learn and know more about the amazing things she has done and the profound ways she has touched lives. Even though I only met her once, I felt so connected to her, seeing her husband daily at the gym, she was always on my mind. Reading about her now, I realize how deeply inspired I am by her life.


Wonderful tribute to your mom and grandma! Beautiful stories, beautiful needlework, beautiful memories. Thanks for sharing them with us.


Very beautiful tribute for a very beautiful lady.


What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful woman. I read every word and especially enjoyed seeing those photos of her during the years that we were blessed to know the [personal] family.


What a wonderful memorial for [her]! This was very well done and enjoyed reading all the great memories of Gisela. She was very well LOVED!! She did a lot of very nice needlework that can be enjoyed for years to come.


What a wonderful way to remember [her]. I learned so much about her and the love you all shared.


I truly enjoyed learning about your mother. I am truly sorry the world lost such a great lady. It is clear she will be missed and will allways be loved.


What you have done with making this website is nothing short of an amazing memorial.


Absolutely beautiful, brings both tears and smiles to my face. The comments help remind me to be more patient with my own children, so even in her passing I am learning from her.


You've reflected the sweetness and generosity of [her] life. Captured her well you did and passed her love and smiles across so many miles.


I love this idea of a website memorial, as I had never had the opportunity to really get to know Gisela well.


What a lovely site. I haven't seen [her] in many many years so i truly appreciated learning more about her. She sounds just like the person she seemed to be. And, I so enjoyed seeing her needlepoint. I had absolutely no idea how talented she was. Thanks for sharing all this.


Although I only met [her] once, I know her daughter well. Thanks for sharing this wonderful tribute. I have enjoyed this glimpse into her life.