Embeddable Photo Gallery Comparison

A picture tells a thousand words, but there are almost that many ways to display photos on your website. Here are a few samples. (Please note that this page will take longer to load than most because of the multiple galleries.)


1. Simply place the images on your webpage.

A simple gallery has your images placed on the page and they don't move. If desired, each image can be highlighted when hovered over, clicking can take you to a larger image, etc. Your photo filenames/captions will be indexed by search engines with this option.


2. Ultimate Fade-in Slideshow

This slideshow is very popular as it minimizes space and pushes any number of images to the user.
The proportions are configurable but all images must be the same size. Another example uses a
slideshow where the logo is static on top of each image, creating the feeling that the background is changing behind the logo. This takes about 15 minutes to install after images are ready.

slideshow sample


3. Static Gallery with borders and hovering

Even if your photos are not moving, Integritivity can still make them beautiful with a nice border and then display a larger version with a caption to the side when the user hovers over the image. Hover over the purple-framed image to the right and see what happens! This type takes about an hour.



4. Auto Loading photo gallery with no captions and multiple galleries

IntegriTivity custom built this photo gallery for Irish Dancing Academy so that they can upload their own photos at any time. The website reads in the name of the file directory and makes that the list of photo galleries. When the user chooses a gallery name, all photos in that directory are automatically displayed.
Advantages: You can add photos and albums any time; the file folders you upload will become the album name. Disadvantages: No captions; Your photo filenames will not be indexed by search engines.

  • Transiberian Orchestra Tribute Transiberian Orchestra Tribute
    Transiberian Orchestra Tribute


5. Embed a Facebook photo album

Especially if you're posting your photos to Facebook anyway, it's easy for Integritivity to embed an album right into your webpage.
Advantages: FREE, you can update the album YOURSELF, it only takes your web designer minutes to add a new album.
Disadvantages: Your photos/captions may not be indexed by search engines. Facebook displays all your images in a square format, but you can get around that by adding space to your "canvas". It will fit 4 photos across no matter what, so if you don't use your full body width, it will only display a narrow section of the image.


6. Flash Gallery with sliding focus

This is actually the same photo gallery but configured to display the images differently. This gallery can only contain a max of 15 images unless you purchase a license. It took about 20 minutes to install once the images were ready.



7. Flash Gallery with large photo on top

This Photo Gallery requires a modern version of Adobe Flash or enable Javascript. The size is configurable, as well as the border color. As long as the border is large enough, the Photo Gallery title can be covered up (like it is in the above example). This gallery can only contain a max of 15 images unless you purchase a license. It took about 25 minutes to install once the images were ready.



8. Scrapbook

This is actually a flipping slideshow on top of a custom scrapbook-looking graphic, designed by IntegriTivity. Each slide must be the same size. In this case, they all have white backgrounds in order to make the image sizes consistent. This takes about 15 minutes to install once the images are ready.


9. Cincopy online photo gallery

The basic gallery is free, but if you want to customize it very much, you have to buy a plan. You can upload your files in batches and then add captions/descriptions via an online admin panel. View another Cincopa example here.




10. Juicebox

A Juicebox gallery can be added to your website by adding a JavaScript code snippet into the page's HTML code. Compatible with iDevices. Free version is limited and contains branding. The Pro version requires a $45 one-time purchase per domain but allows you to add search engine indexible content so gallery text and images display in search results. This one took 45 minutes the first time to reconfigure for multiple galleries.  View Sample       Multiple Gallery Demo    Sidebar Layout Demo



Piwigo CMS gallery NOT YET TESTED

Piwigo is a photo gallery software for the web that comes with powerful features to publish and manage your collection of pictures that can be installed on your host. Theme colors are customizable. However, when uploading image files via FTP, Piwigo requires that thumbnails be also created and uploaded to a subfolder with the prefix TN-. In other words, you have to make your own thumbnail imges.  View Sample



Gallery CMS gallery NOT YET TESTED

Gallery is another web-based photo system can be installed on your host.   View Sample    
Admin panel looks something like this:



Coppermine CMS gallery NOT YET TESTED

Coppermine is a multi-purpose fully-featured and integrated web picture gallery that can be installed on your host. Sample1    Sample 2      

It has a control panel like this: