Website Design and Graphic Design Rates and Payment Options

The Rate Schedule prices are prorated based on the type of work involved. In return for a flexible project schedule, these rates are extremely competitive! Project estimates can be provided upon request.


IntegriTivity's prices are not based on quarterly maintenance fees or packages but instead are soley based on actual time spent. Timesheet detail is provided on invoices. Billing cycles are generally monthly or may be held until completion of a project. Large projects may require an initial deposit.


Payment is requested within 30 days from the invoice date.


Any items purchased by IntegriTivity on behalf of the customer (such a stock photos, domain name registration, etc.) will be billed for direct reimbursement.


Completed products are the property of the customer, but IntegriTivity reserves the right to save a copy for display as a work sample (no confidential material will be disclosed).

2017 Rate
Website Design, Maintenance, SEO
Graphic Design $40.00
Database Design
Spreadsheets/Data Analysis


Non-profit organizations should ask about
the Charity Discount!

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At least 10% of all profit is donated to 401(c) charitable organizations.



1. Send an online payment by Venmo to "integritivity"

2. Mail check made out to "IntegriTivity".



3. Submit a payment with PayPal:

Your Name: (Other information will be collected at
Amount to Send: $ $

4. Paypal.Me easy PayPal submission - just click the link and enter the information requested.